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IT asset management is an integral part while forming any organizational strategies. Case history of all the assets starting from the purchase to the disposal of the assets can be known with the help of Asset management. It could also be termed as Knowledge base Management. Information regarding the hardware and software requirements of the assets can be known with the help of this Asset Management System. Inventory management keeps a track record of existing inventories and its uses. List of all the assets of the company will be displayed in Asset management System of RIW Help Desk.

Key Features

  • Reduce Labor
  • Reduction In Cost
  • Better Utilization Of Assets

It is necessary to keep detailed information of the inventory of the company/organizations. Whereabouts of each asset ought to be known so that a proper track record of the assets could be kept through this Inventory Tracking System. Different devices such as bar codes, scanners, Printers and RFID are provided by RIW software. Exact information is gained by utilizing this hardware and is kept secured in RIW Help desk. Asset Scanning is carried out in order to maintain a record of all the actions of the asset and to dispose the assets which have exceeded its life span
Key Features

  • Easy To Install & Use
  • Track Record of Assets
  • Resolve Usability of Assets

Discovering the number of software and hardware assets that the company has, is a key factor while managing the assets. Asset Management Software scans all the assets, an organization possesses and an inventory is maintained. Due to this, robbery and stealing of any assets is avoided. This also leads to gaining the knowledge of those assets that have exceeded their life span and the exact value of the assets.

Key Features

  • Schedule Scanning
  • Traceability Of Assets
  • Improves IT Admin Control

A track of the number of license that a company or organization has, could be kept by utilizing this feature of RIW Help desk. To check whether the user is genuine or not, Inventory Tracking Software is essential. It keeps a record of the licenses the company has and manages these licenses on the user and infrastructure level.

  • Notifications on the license that are due for termination or are outdated are sent to the users
  • Unauthorized Software setups can be known
  • Software violation alerts are shown

An organization may have numerous products and keeping a manual record of the inventories and details of these inventories like the buyers and sellers of the product, date of purchase and cost of purchase and so on is a tedious work. To reduce this workload, Inventory Catalog facility is provided by ITIL of RIW Software. RIW Help Desk provides you with this wonderful feature which allows you to keep a neat and organized record of all the inventories. Such Knowledge-base Management is provided under different modules of RIW Software.

Key Features

  • Control Inventories
  • Quantity and accessibility of inventories can be known
  • Reduction in data entry errors
  • Reorder status of inventories can be generated

Inventories that are bought or purchased should be managed and maintained accurately. RIW Help desk keeps detailed records of products which contains information of products, their specifications, vendors from whom they are bought, quantity of the products, cost spent for the purchase, date of purchase and so on. Negotiations can be done with the vendors based on the purchased order list.

Key Features

  • Queries regarding purchase order are resolved easily
  • Product Catalog is maintained based on the product type
  • List of purchased order and order which are yet to be purchased can be made.
  • Costs can be compared by utilizing the purchase order list

Manage Your Assets Without Complication

IT Assets management software

IT Assets and Management

Track, discover and maintain all the software and hardware assets of the company within a couple of seconds with the help of IT Asset management Software.

Knowledge Base management scanning

Asset Scanning

Hardware packages such as RFID, scanners and printers are provided by RIW Help Desk to track and scan the assets using Knowledge base Management.

Inventory tracking software tool

Asset Discover

Detailed information of the assets can be seen by the user with the help of Inventory Tracking System.

More Features About RegitWise Assets Management

Track Assets

Deep insight and full control over the assets could be obtained. Thefts of the assets are tracked & avoided very effectively using this Inventory Tracking Software!

Contract Management

Notifications and alerts for the termination of contract are sent. Asset Management Software ensures no breach of security. Legal documentation is kept & maintained with Knowledge base Management.

Inventory Reports

It classifies and segregates all the products in different categories and a detailed report is generated with the help of Asset Management System of RegitWise.

One Screen Assets Information

All the Assets of the company are listed in the database with relevant information maintaining Knowledge base Management.


Integrates with the incident management which can be used to include assets while creating incidents.

Service Level Agreements

Customers, help desk executives and end users will be notified if SLA’s are breached.

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