General : We have gathered the issues and problems affecting a regular user of the system.

How do I change my password?

Start RegitWise and login as a normal user, click Tools> Settings, choose General> Click the Password Check the <Change password> Enter the new information and click OK.
How do I decide what should be included on a list or report?

Each user decide which fields are displayed on a report. Start RegitWise and login as a normal user, click Tools> Settings, choose General> Click the Columns (Equipment) Double-click in the “Available Columns” in the column that you want to appear in the list. To save the information and close the form, click OK.
How do I determine which fields are displayed on a PC list?

Start RegitWise and login as a normal user, click Tools> Settings, choose General> Click the Columns (Computer), double-click in the “Available Columns” in the column you want to appear in the list. To save the information and close the form, click OK.
The default password

Default password for the Admin account is: secret.
BUG: 'Old format or invalid type library' error when automating Excel

SYMPTOMS If you automate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C # .NET or Microsoft Visual C ++ following error message may appear when certain methods are called: Error: 0x80028018 ( -2147647512) Description: Old format or invalid type library Cause The error message is displayed when calling an Excel method when the following conditions are met: • The method requires a language identifier (LCID). • You are using an English version of Excel, but the computer’s regional settings are configured for a language other than English. If the English version of Excel running on the client, and a language other than English is configured for the current user, locate the language pack for the configured language. If this is not found, the error is reported. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320369
How does the 30-day trial work?

After you sign up for your trial, you will get access to trial plan features for 30 days. If you want to try a different plan, just contact us. You can also explore plan features or learn about our Enterprise plan on your own.
Is the trial really free?

It is absolutely free . No credit card is required to start your trial.
What happens at the end of my trial?

You can choose one of our three plans and pay by credit card from within your Regitwise. Contact us if you prefer to pay by invoice.
If you decide not to purchase at the end of your trial, your account will expire.

Installation : Under this heading we have tried to save all the questions with installation to do.

Where should the license file located?

On the server you have installed a File area / RegitWiseServer with a number of folders and files. Directly below this directory to the license file named “license.dat” is placed. Have you got a new license, the old replaced.
Warning message that comes up when the agent runs on a client computer.

Windows has as security protection for the execution of executable files from the network. To allow the agent to run without displaying this message can be in Active Directory create / modify Group Policy object. To do this: Start the Editor GPO User Configuration, Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Attachment Manager. Insert state = enabled “Default risk level for file attachments” and set the default level of risk to low risk. Insert state = enabled “List of file types that can mean low risk” and enter the file extension “riwagent.exe” After these settings are made, restart the server or write: gpupdate / force in the Command Prompt
When upgrading the Install button not available

When you upgrade, you shall not enter the network path without Ex: C: \ regitwiseserver.Browse your way to the computer and folder to check the permissions and the path is correct.
Configuration mismatch

Here, an explanation of the “Configuration mismatch”. – When you make a change to the database or choose to read some additional feature / component, created a new ID in the database. This ID should be the same as the id of the scanned file from the client. (This may riwagent.exe when forcing the update, which you did) Then you know RegitWise that the information in the file is correct. The most common cause of the problem is that there are a number of scanned files that are waiting to be loaded when you make a change to regitWise. When the system loads these files as “de constructed” and they are placed in error folder. When the client is read back is ID’t updated and the file is loaded.
Rebuilding the WMI Repository

If you experience Behavior When using WMI, Such as application errors or scripts That Used to work are no longer working, you May Have a corrupted WMI repository. To fix a corrupted WMI repository, you’ll have to reinstall WMI. Follow These Steps: Click Start, Run and type CMD Type this command and press Enter: net stop winmgmt Using Windows Explorer, navigate to% systemroot% \ system32 \ wbem directory and delete the Repository directory. By default, the repository folder is located in the C: \ Windows \ system32 \ wbem directory. Switch to the Command Prompt window, and type: net start winmgmt Re-registering the WMI Components The .DLL and .EXE files distressed by WMI are located in% windir% \ system32 \ wbem. You might need to re-register all the .DLL and .EXE files in this directory. If you are running a 64-bit system, you might also need to check for .dlls and .EXE files in% windir% \ syswow64 \ wbem.To re-register the WMI components, run The Following commands at the command prompt: cd / d% windir% \ system32 \ wbem for% i in ( .dll) do RegSvr32 -s% of the for% i in ( .exe ) do% in the / regserver
Rights for the shared directories

The shared directory called ordinary certain RegitWiseServer need only read rights except if one is to add a new database when it also requires write access. The agents that scans the cliff-lays a result file to a shared folder (usually some Agent Results). This folder, the user needs write access to. Other folders terms of read rights.