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Incident Management Software ensures that best services are provided to the customers by restoring the normal service operations as quickly as possible. Details of the incidents such as category of the incident, status of the incident, date the incident occurred, technicians assigned to the incidents and the user who have created the incident is all known with the help of incident Management Process.

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Incident management software task

Incident management and scheduling the task

Technicians have the right to subdivide their work related to the incidents into different task. Facility to schedule these tasks and check their status is also provided under ITIL Incident Management.


Resolution is a place where technicians can feed in their answers to the queries. If an incident has reoccurred then option to search the solution is also provided in the Incident Management System.

Incident management system resolution

incident management audit history

Audit History

All the activities performed on the incident could be seen by the technicians and the admin in the audit history. This implies that technicians can check these solutions given for the incidents occurred earlier, whenever needed.

Auto incident Generation

Auto incident Generation is a unique feature provided by Incident Management Software where incidents that have to be checked periodically by the technicians is registered. Tickets are generated automatically for these scheduled incidents by ITIL Incident Management.

auto incident management

Incident management process category

Categorize the Incident Management

Classifying the incidents is very important to know the source of all the incidents. Incidents are classified into 3 levels: Categories, Subcategories and items. Based on the selection of the categories and sub categories, incidents are classified and are assigned to the technicians. Incident Management Process makes it easy for the technicians to analyze which incident is to be resolved by him/her.

Prioritize the Incident Management

Incidents should be prioritized so that the high priority incidents are not neglected. There are 3 categories into which incidents can be prioritized: Impact, Priority and Urgency. Impact of the incidents on the IT frame work can be determined when incidents are prioritized.

priortize incident management

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