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Why To Choose RegitWise Helpdesk Ticketing Software ?

RegitWise Help desk consists of Helpdesk Ticketing System which is a powerful feature that is provided by this software. With the help of Ticketing Management System, clients can get solutions to all their queries. Facility to merge the tickets which have reoccurred is provided by this Helpdesk Ticketing System. Categorizing and prioritizing the ticket becomes quick and easy because of IT Helpdesk Software.

Key Features

  • Two ways to generate tickets: Automatic Ticket Generation, Manual Ticket Generation.
  • Technicians are notified via email when new tickets are generated using Support Ticket System.
  • Alerts will be sent to the clients if SLAs are breached or the incidents have crossed its due dates.
  • Status of the Ticket Management System could be monitored by the clients.
  • Responses are sent automatically once the tickets are resolved via this IT Helpdesk Software.


In the IT Helpdesk Software, Survey is conducted periodically by the admin, where they may get to know about the ratings of the product, or the users are satisfied with the services. User may define and preview the survey, alter the survey settings, and can see the result of the survey. Users have the authority to add a list of questions for which they need feedback from clients in the survey defined module of IT Helpdesk Software. Survey emails will be sent to the end-customer. Users can also schedule their survey with the help of this module.


Reports can be generated for different modules such as incident, problem, change and solution management module. Incidents or problems, their solution and any other information related to that incident are displayed in the reports. Reports could also be generated for data that is archived. Facilities to import and export the reports are provided by RegitWise Help Desk Reporting module. Provisions to see the report in excel format is provided by RegitWise Help Desk. Different types of reports such as Matrix, chart, tabular are generated in this IT Helpdesk Software. Reports could be customized based on the users need and requirements. Report custom setting is the module used if the user wishes to customize the report. Header text, header image, footer text, date format are few of the general setting provided by the report custom modules which the user will be able to alter.

Identify the Issues

Help desk Ticket Management System will display the list of tickets in the manager dashboard. Detailed information is provided to the end users regarding issues like issue generation date, category of the incidents, technician allocated to resolve the issue and incident id. The Support Ticket System permits the user to combine the incidents that have recurred. Additional advantages offered by RegitWise Help Desk are organizing and scheduling incidents, printing the list of incidents and sending mails for the incidents.

Incidents List

Detailed list of incidents are viewed by the technicians and the end-clients. These incidents could be filtered by the technicians, end clients and experts based on incidents due date, incidents that have not been allotted technicians, overdue and open incidents. Technicians do not have to organize their task as it is easily done by Incidents list module in the IT Helpdesk Software.

Task Manager

Task manager is considered as a to-do list for the technicians. Task that the technician has to perform and the details regarding the task such as their due dates, priority level, time spent on particular task, and so is seen in the task manager module of IT Helpdesk Software. The user has the power to add new task or delete the ones which have completed. Schedulers are provided for smooth and easy running of administration and for efficient task management.


The Scheduler is a calendar of this IT Helpdesk Software that shows the task technicians or the user has to perform. Specialists may organize their monthly weekly and daily work (task) with the assistance of planner. Multi-tasking can be done easily and quality services can be achieved with the help of scheduler.

Self Service Portal

Round the clock support, site-branding, customization of reports, email templates, notification templates are few of the services provided by self service portal. Site Branding is a feature that RegitWise Help Desk provides which allows the admin to customize the logo and change the title according to their needs. Admin has the right to decide on which modules will be visible to the users and technicians.

SLA (Service Level Agreements)

SLAs are agreements between service provider and service users. It generally includes quality and delivery time of service, level of customer support product will provide to the end users and information regarding what RegitWise help desk provides. End clients can caution the technicians or experts if any of the SLA’s are not fulfilled. They are a set of pointers and regulations the technicians need to follow and take into consideration while making any changes. RegitWise IT Helpdesk Software allows the users to define and alter their Service Level Agreements.

Automated Password Reset Tool

Resetting of password is a facility provided by IT HelpDesk Software to all the Technicians, end clients and admin. When the user logs in, they will be requested to change their password and later on they may change them at their will. Account blocking, pronouncing clients as either active or inactive, auto log in are few of the facilities that automated password reset tool provides. High level of security is provided by RegitWise Help Desk.

Notification and Alert Rules

Notifications are the easiest and simplest way to inform or remind a user or technicians about a task. Users and technicians can design the notifications they have sent and to whom they want to send. Benefits such as redesigning of notification design; dispatching sends, sending messages to the client and so on is done with the help of this module. Importance level is easily determined for incidents based on the type of alerts.

Email Commands

Who to send the emails, who has the access to the emails, attachments that are required to be sent and message that needs to be conveyed is all done with the aid of Email Commands module easily and quickly. Sorting the incoming sends, dealing with the garbage sends are few of the features provided by this module of IT Helpdesk Software.

Data Archiving

Data or emails could be archived or stored in IT Helpdesk Software. Once the information is archived it can’t be retrieved, it can only be used for generating reports. Past information is usually archived to reduce the amount of information previously collected. Data archiving makes the task of filtration quick and easy.


Tremendous amount of information is collected from the users, clients, technicians and other members related to help desk. Summarizing this data and displaying them in interactive and informative manner is crucial part of help desk. Summarization is a powerful feature that is provided by all the modules of RegitWise Service Desk. Reports are used for the summarization of data.

Scheduled Activity management

Activities that are performed, task that are scheduled are all managed efficiently because of RegitWise Software which leads to reduce in workload and more productivity. Periodic scheduling of activities is done in all modules and hence the tedious work of managing the entire project becomes easy and simple. Scheduler’s are provided so that the task of managing your day to day work becomes simple and easy.

World’s Leading IT Helpdesk Software With ITIL Package

IT helpdesk software incident list

Incident Management

IT Helpdesk Software allows the clients to restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive incident management.

Helpdesk ticketing software problem list

Problem Management

Eliminate the root cause effectively and put an end to firefighting of repetitive incidents and manage automation with the IT Helpdesk Software.

Support Ticket System change list

Change Management

Provide structured and prompt handling of all changes in your IT infrastructure. It is bundled workflow automation.

More Features About RegitWise IT Helpdesk Software

ITIL Package

Manage your Projects and assets with the help of ITIL Frame work of IT Helpdesk Software. It includes different modules such as incident, problem and change management!


Site Branding is main feature provided by the IT Helpdesk Software of RegitWise Help Desk. It helps the users to customize forms, templates, logo and title of the software.

Ticket Management

Get quick answers to all your queries with the help of ticketing management System. Helpdesk Ticketing System also helps you in keeping a proper track record of all the user’s activities.

Solution Management

Get speedy and easy Solutions to all your queries with the help of this module. Retain, share and manage all the solutions provided by our Support team with the help of Solution Management.

Help Desk Reports

Know what’s happening in your Help Desk with the intuitive and robust reporting modules & interactive dashboards.

SLA Management

SLAs (Service level agreement) are a predefined set of rules and regulations that the IT Team will have to follow. Clients, technicians and end users will be notified if SLAs are breached.

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