SaaS service desk

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RIW Help-Desk is also called as SaaS Service Desk & is an established software in the market already which comes up with all the better and innovative features serving productive results to the customers. Since everything is maintained and recorded under the system these days, it becomes important for any organization to provide the service support as well, to meet the queries and resolve them quickly. Considering these points, RIW Help-Desk is developed and initiated by us.

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SaaS service desk

itil SaaS Help desk Services

ITIL SaaS Helpdesk Services

Manager Module is designed for the project managers who can keep a watch on the requests received and resolved within the SLA’s. This could be said as Help Desk Services, as well.

  • Align Business & IT for the Better Implementation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Design, Enforce, & Evaluate
  • Used for Compliance Management
  • To Measure Improvement & Performance
  • Co-Ordinate with IT, Analyze Cost & Maintain Expenses

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Incident Management

The list of incidents of the SaaS Services that occurs are recorded and managed through this module. All the important details of an incident are tracked through this module.

  • Administering Incident
  • Maintain Incident during Execution
  • Assign Experts related to incidents
  • Provide instant solution on Incident occurrence
  • Track the incident

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saas help desk incident system
Help desk services problem management

Problem Management

Problem Management Module of this Help Desk Services Software is developed to diminish the effect of incidents on the project and allows the technician to give a permanent solution to the problem.

  • Plan a Strategy for Issues
  • Implement Strategy for Repetitive occurrences
  • Dealing with Issues & Problem
  • Control Disturbance
  • Shrinking the issues & Fulfills the requirements.

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Change Management

This SaaS Services consists of the Change management module will examine the changes and analyze them to ensure that low-risk modifications are executed with nominal impact.

  • Manage & Execute changes
  • Analyze the requirements for changes
  • Calculate the efforts required
  • Apply Changes for the better performance
  • Improve Growth

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SaaS service desk change management
Help desk services asset management

Asset Management

This module of the Help Desk Service Software is integrated with the Inventory / Assets  Management Software, where the important details of each asset is maintained.

  • Cost Effective
  • Handling the Assets of the company
  • Manage & Maintain Assets
  • Track & Trace of Assets
  • Record all the Assets

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Admin Rights

The basic module of this software is an Admin Module. This module is integrated with all the other modules of RIW HelpDesk-SaaS Services.

  • Assign Roles & Task
  • Give Authorization
  • Very essential for Both Customer as well for the company
  • Full rights

admin rights riwhd



Reports of each activity that is done and recorded under this system is saved in the reports module.

  • Maintain Records of all activities
  • Print reports for the Assign Task
  • Reports for technician
  • Different type of report are available :- ( chart, matrix, table)
  • Report can be generated for data that is archived.

Sync and Integrate Help Desk !!!

To stay update with other system

RegitWise Service Desk offers a couple of outside integration of the container with numerous others being accessible in RegitWise Enterprise so that the majority of your frameworks works as the same and procedure the same information.

Outlook Integration

The Integration is accessible as an Outlook plugin for Office forms  2013.

Single Sign On

Easy to access multiple application with the only one single user sign on with ease.

Mobile Friendly

It works perfectly fine on all the mobile devices, tablets and portable devices.

Rest API

Integration with the different technologies easily like Outlook , active directory etc.

LDAP Integration

Have your clients login to RegitWise with their LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.

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